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Personal Medical Alarms Medical Alert NZ

Personal Medical Alarms

Personal Alarms for Elderly NZ with Fall Detect & GPS Tracking

A fully mobile, Personal Medical Alarm that can go anywhere with you. Works within or outside your home, our alarms give greater independence and a better quality of life.

One touch of a button SOS can reach out up to 10 Personal Emergency Contacts or 111. (Requires dedicated SIM card)

Great for Medical, Fall, Panic, home intrusion, emergencies when you can’t reach a phone. 

No Contracts. No Monitoring Fees. You Own It.

ACC & WINZ Quotes/Funding Available.

From Only $497+gst

Personal Medical Alarms for Elderly NZ. No ongoing monitoring fees. Connect directly to 111

Personal Medical Alarms Mercari Technologies

Personal Safety Alarm

This Personal Medical Alarm is for anyone at risk of duress, dementia, elderly or has medical issues, allowing freedom & independence, but always in touch with help when you need it – Not just in the home – You can use it at the shopping mall, in the park, or business. Requires 2Degrees, One.nz or Spark SIM card.

GPS Location Track/Find

With inbuilt location finding, when ever the Medical alarm is activated, it automatically sends your location to your emergency contacts cell phone. The personal alarm can also be located by your contacts in the event someone has gone missing or location unknown.


Auto Serious Fall Sensors

Automatic fall detection gives users the confidence to know, that should they have a serious fall and not be able to respond, the  medical alert alarm has fall detection and will automatically send an emergency SOS message to contacts without the need to press the button.

Personal Alarms NZ

Peace of Mind for You, Safety & Security for your Loved Ones.

Are you worrying about how much longer you can live in your own home due to medical issues or concerns? Do you worry that a parent, relative, friend or neighbor is not as safe at home as they used to be? Are you concerned for the safety of others? Or are you a medical professional with concerns about patient safety once discharged from your care?


Our NZ medical alarms have the solution for you with our no monthly fee personal safety alarm/personal medical alarm. Our personal alarms have no contracts or ongoing fees. Simply choose Buy Now with Credit Card, or get in touch for an invoice with bank details for bank transfers. Pay a one-off purchase price and away you go with the alert system. Affordable peace of mind when you know you have the system that can generate the best alerts when needed.


What are Medical Alert Alarms? Quite simply they are personal safety devices for seniors that allow the user to call for help at the push of a button. If they fall, feel ill or have another safety concern such as a break-in or fire, then they can push the alarm even if they can’t get to the phone. Help is always at hand with access to the alert device.


We are a global leader in independent living solutions selling alarms in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. These alarms have thousands of satisfied customers across the world and are committed to the vision of making independent living possible for everyone.


Working with a One.nz (Recommended) 2Degrees or Spark SIM card – Not included, (Prepay or on contract SIM cards able to be used), these Personal Alarms are able to operate in 98.5% of New Zealands populated areas.


Enjoy the freedom of living life independently without compromising security and well being with a ‘Go anywhere’ Personal Medical Alert Alarm. 

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Personal Alarm For Elderly. Safety Alarm. Panic Alarm. GPS Tracker

Personal Medical Alarms Medical Alert NZ


A Personal Medical Alert Alarm that works anywhere – not just at home. Using today’s modern 4G mobile network You can be in the mall, in a park, on the farm, at beach – anywhere there is a compatible cellular signal. SIM card not included.

When button is pressed it immediately sends a text message to up to 10 of your emergency contacts. They receive your ‘Help Me’ message on their own cell phones along with your location link to Google Maps or internet browser showing the wearers location accurate to within a few meters.

Your emergency contacts, once they receive your emergency ‘Help Me’ SOS message can call your personal alarm – It will answer automatically so you use it just like a speaker phone. You can chat and let them know what kind of assistance you need. (The alarm can also automatically start calling your contacts for voice to voice communication)

The alarms also features fall detection with speakerphone & microphone in pendant. The alarm is also able to be used in the bath/shower. 

ACC & WINZ Quotes available. 

With the Personal Medical Alert Alarm you can go anywhere knowing help is just a press of a button away.  Avoid that old technology home only based alarms, get out and be independent! Live Life Your way!

German design, Swiss precision GPS, reddot2015 award winner.

  • Works wherever there is One.nz  2Degrees, One or Spark mobile coverage (98.5% of New Zealands populated areas).
  • Calls up to 10 friends, family or carers.(It can also call 111)
  • Has 2-way “hands-free” voice to voice communication with high quality speakerphone.
  • In built fall detection for serious falls. Sends a “fall alert” to up to 10 contacts.
  • Uses GPS, GSM & wifi  location tracking/finding to send your location to your contacts during emergencies.
  • Family & friends can call the pendant just like a normal phone. Pendant can call out to nominated contacts in emergencies
  • Pendant is shower & rain proof, comfortable and weighs approximately 40 gr
  • Size; 61mm x 42mm x 16mm
  • No contracts or monitoring fees.
  • 12 month warranty

How much does a medical alarm cost in NZ?

A ‘Go Anywhere’ medical alarm may cost as much as $30 per week, or even more, to rent from a security monitoring company. But you can have a personal alarm from Mercari that

  • You own outright
  • No ongoing monitoring fees
  • Connects to friends and family
  • Has fall detection & GPS
  • Can be worn in the shower
  • Can connect directly to 111

All of that and more, for less that what you would spend on a renting a $30 per week medical alarm in 6 months!

Our personal alarm – Only $497 + gst. Comes with FREE Belt clip, lanyard and wristband.