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Our device has no ongoing monitoring fees and can connect directly to 111

The Personal Medical Alarm is a versatile and reliable safety device that is well-suited for New Zealand seniors, as well as individuals with medical conditions, prone to falls or have disabilities. It offers an range of benefits, including peace of mind, safety, and freedom.

For seniors who are still active and independent, the Personal Alarm provides an excellent solution for ensuring safety when venturing out of the home unaccompanied. Its built-in GPS technology ensures emergency contacts are alerted to emergencies in the event of a fall, manual alarm activation or wandering – regardless of being away from the home.

For seniors who live alone and do not have a landline, the Personal Mobile Alarm is an ideal alternative to traditional landline alarms, which can be expensive. This device can be used for fall detection and sends text messages to up to 10 emergency contacts to ensure prompt assistance.

The Mobile Alarm is also a great option for seniors with a history of falling or vertigo, as it provides protection while they are away from home. Its fall detection feature sends text messages to emergency contacts when a fall occurs, offering reassurance to both the wearer and their loved ones.

For people suffering from dementia or those who are at risk of wandering, the Personal Medical Alert Alarm offers various safety features. Family and carers can track the wearer’s location via Google Maps or internet browser, and the Geo-Fencing feature provides added protection by sending warning messages when the wearer strays outside a defined radius (Minimum 100m).

The personal alarm is also beneficial for individuals with disabilities or medical conditions, as it can be used to contact emergency contacts when help is needed.

Finally, the Mobile alarm for elderly can serve as a panic alarm in situations of perceived danger, such as when there is an intruder. Its compact size and easy-to-use button make it an excellent option for personal safety when walking alone outside or feeling threatened.

Overall, the Personal Alarm for elderly is a versatile and reliable safety device that offers numerous benefits for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Its affordability and effectiveness make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their personal safety and security.


How much does a medical alarm cost in NZ?

A ‘Go Anywhere’ medical alarm may cost as much as $30 per week, or even more, to rent from a security monitoring company. But you can have a personal alarm from Mercari that

  • You own outright
  • No ongoing monitoring fees
  • Connects to friends and family
  • Has fall detection & GPS
  • Can be worn in the shower
  • Can connect directly to 111

All of that and more, for less that what you would spend on a renting a $30 per week medical alarm in 6 months!


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