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Medical Alert. Connect Directly to 111

The Personal Medical Alert Alarm is an advanced device designed to provide assistance in medical emergencies or situations that pose a threat to life. If you’re an elderly individual or someone concerned about the well-being of an older or disabled adult living alone, this device offers additional security and peace of mind.

This user-friendly device is specifically tailored to appeal to the elderly, ensuring simplicity and ease of use. It functions as an emergency alarm system that facilitates immediate communication in case of falls, manual SOS activation, Panic, Wandering or other emergencies. The Personal Medical Alert Alarm is an excellent option for elderly, seniors, chronically ill individuals, and their loved ones, who wish to enhance safety and provide reassurance. Our medical alarms for the elderly can be worn on the wrist, around the neck or attached to clothing.

This innovative technology offers cost-effective and adaptable emergency communication capabilities in any location with cellular service, ranging from a room to an entire city or country. It is designed to cater to various scenarios, whether it’s a farmer working in the field, a lone worker in a warehouse, or an aged resident who may have wandered away from a safe perimeter. The device, which is low-cost and palm-sized, utilizes a combination of GPS, Wifi, and GSM technologies to pinpoint the person’s location within approximately 2.5 meters. Even in locations without direct sky visibility, such as buildings or carparks, it can provide a “relative” location using GSM and Wi-Fi signals. In essence, the Personal Medical Alert Alarm can be seen as a simple mobile phone with built-in GPS satellite tracking capabilities.

To operate the device, you need a SIM card (Not supplied) and pressing the SOS button triggers an SMS to be sent to up to ten emergency contacts. This SMS includes a Google Maps or Internet Browser link that identifies the user’s location. The first person to call the pendant will establish voice-to-voice communication through the device’s excellent speaker and microphone. Alternatively you can have the device start calling your contacts as you have programmed. You may also even include 111 on your list.

Moreover, this innovative device offers additional features such as movement, geofence, and over-speed alarms, among others. Programming the device is straightforward, as you can easily send commands via text message from any mobile phone.

The Personal alarm operates on battery power and can last up to three days on a single charge under normal use. This makes it suitable for use both at home and wherever you are, as long as you have 4G cellular coverage. It is advisable to contact your network provider before purchasing to confirm coverage in your area. While it works best with a One.nz 4G SIM, it is also compatible with Spark and One networks in most areas.

Investing in the Personal Medical Alert Alarm is a proactive step towards enhancing your safety and peace of mind. With its user-friendly design, advanced features, and reliable communication capabilities, this device provides a valuable solution for elderly individuals and their families

Take the first step in enhancing your safety and peace of mind by investing in the Personal Medical Alert Alarm today.

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